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How to Support Us

There are three ways to support the 4-H/FFA Market Animal Show and Sale. 

1.   Donate to the Agricultural Complex Building Fund

2.  Donate to the General Operations Fund

3.  Purchase a project animal at the sale

Make a Donation

Donations can be sent directly to:


PO Box 2841

Staunton, VA  24402

Make checks payable to:  4H & FFA MAS

Memo line:  Indicate fund purpose (Building Fund or Operations Fund)

Call Emmalee Edwards at 540-245-5750 for more information.

For more information about the Agricultural Complex, please contact:

Matt Hickey, Chairman, Market Animal Show & Sale Board of Directors

(540) 255-4209

Bradley Dunsmore, Buyer's Committee Representative, Market Animal Show & Sale Board of Directors

(540) 421-2616

David Shiflett, Past Chair, Market Animal Show & Sale Board of Directors

(540) 490-8070

Purchase a Project Animal

The exhibitors in the show look forward to the sale, where their hard work and effort will pay off. Many of the youth will use the proceeds to finance their college education or reinvest the money in a future projects. Local businesses and civic leaders can help support the youth of Augusta County by purchasing an animal at this year's sale. 

There are three ways to purchase an animal:
1. You may purchase the animal for the full price during the auction. With this option, the buyer is  responsible for taking the animal away from the  Stockyard. You may want to work with a local   slaughter house and have them move the animal for you.
Example:    Steer Market Price= $.85/pound
                   Steer Weight= 1,200 pounds
                   Your Cost= $ 1,020.00
2. If you would like to purchase an animal and “floor” it, you will no longer be responsible for the animal. Flooring an animal means that you will pay the difference between the predetermined floor price and the market price. The packing company who purchased the floor price for the evening will pay the remaining cost and take the animal. Basically, you are making a donation to the exhibitor as you will not receive any product for your contribution.
Example:    Market Price= $2.30/pound = $253
                    Floor Price = $1.05/pound = $115.50
                    Lamb Weight= 110 pounds
                    Your cost = $137.50
3. The third way to support the sale is to make a monetary contribution to the buyers committee. The committee will purchase an animal on your behalf and your name/business name will be mentioned at the sale. This way each Individual or business will receive recognition for their  contribution, regardless of the amount they donated.
If you are interested in purchasing an animal, please contact the Augusta County Extension Office at 540-245-5750. 

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