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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Augusta County 4-H/FFA Market Animal Show is to encourage positive youth development through 4-H/FFA livestock projects. The primary focus of the program is to assist youth in developing life skills such as working with others, accepting responsibility, developing a strong work ethic, and exhibiting good character.  In addition, the program strives to teach young people about agriculture and agribusiness and hopes to create positive agricultural awareness in the community, while promoting community development.

The following rules and regulations serve as an exhibitor code of conduct.  It is an agreement, formal or implied, between the participants, volunteers, and management of the show.  This agreement’s purpose is to:

  • Ensure the overall well-being of animals exhibited.

  • Ensure the use of commonly accepted practices in preparing and exhibiting animals for show.

  • Maintain a safe and wholesome food supply.

  • Maintain the intent and integrity of animal competitions and displays for future generations.

  • The objectives of this Show and Sale are to:

  • Demonstrate that it is practical to produce cattle, hogs, goats, and sheep on adapted farms this area and to show the advantage of good breeding and the use of a balanced ration in feeding livestock.

  • Train youth in the proper handling, fitting, and showing of livestock.

  • Demonstrate practical economics of purchasing, producing, and marketing livestock.

Our History

The hallmark of what is known today as the Augusta County 4-H & FFA Market Animal Show and Sale began at the Staunton Union Stockyard. In those days the show was referred to as the Baby Beef Show. Exhibitors experimented with fattening cattle on grain for a short period of time, so that the beef would be ready for market in less than two years from the date of birth.   In the 1950's the show's name was changed to the Fat Stock Show. At the Fat Stock Show, exhibitors were allowed to show sheep and hogs, in addition to the fattened steers. The organizers of the events wanted to demonstrate to the agricultural community that it was practical to produce animals and that there were advantages to good breeding and feed rationing. In addition to the well being and maintenance of the animals, they also wanted to help teach the exhibitors the proper way to handle and show their livestock. During the 70's, show organizers again changed the name of the event to the Market Animal Show. The show began to be held over a two-day period, with the sale starting on Thursday evening. Since then, the show's location has moved to Augusta Expo in Fishersville where it takes place over a 4 day period, with weigh-in taking place Wednesday evening and the sale on Saturday. 

Local businesses along with the Chamber of Commerce and local Ruritan Clubs have been supporters of the show since its inception. Local Rotary Clubs and civic organizations have also shown their support for the show in recent years, helping to round out community support and involvement.

MAS Board of Directors

Buyers Committee

Shirley Kaufman, Chair

Scott Buchanan, Vice Chair

Amy Dyson, Secretary

Clay Graham, Treasurer

Brad Brown

Bradley Dunsmore

Brandon Strosnider

Jacob Lewis 

Carissa Cline 

Brent McClung

Kevin Cline

Sherry Liggett

Jay Strickler

Matt Hickey, Ex Officio

Emmalee Edwards, Ex Officio

John Benner, Ext. Agent

Ashley Craun, Ext. Educator

Ashlie Howell, Chair

Todd Beck

Don Benner

June Cohron

Larry Cohron

Nick Collins

Charles Curry

Bradley Dunsmore

Bumper George

Troy Grimm

Barry Lotts

Rob Marsh

Steve Marshall

Kevin McLaren

Donnie Michael 

Sally Shomo

Scott Shomo

Emmett Toms

Rick Williams

Zach Williams

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